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Hi there! My name is Gemma.

I am an illustrator who loves drawing and storytelling.
When I am not illustrating, I am offering creative workshops for children. A great combination in which both facettes feed on each other.

My illustration work is mainly focused on: editorial, book, educational, lifestyle, advertising, children books and comics.

A bit about myself

A self-taught artist, coming with an interesting mix of circumstances…

gemma palacio calm relax
  • Love listening and connecting with nature. These are truly precious moments.
  • I enjoy the simple things and learn from observation.
  • Very demanding with myself and also a bit clumsy, but just a little bit
 (my friends might disagree on that…).
allergic gemma with by cats
  • Love Hanging out with my feline nephews, ignoring my asthma and allergies!
  • Don´t like to talk about myself pretty much, but I can draw it instead
  • I am speaking four languages.
  • Asturian (Spanish) but living in Austria.
    Apparently, my name sounds very funny in Austrian dialect, meaning “Let´s  go”.
 A pretty confusing and creepy thing at the beginning to be honest.
gemma palacio painting with children
  • Enjoy creating together with children, I keep learning so much from them…
  • Love to be told stories, but then who doesn’t.
  • My most valuable treasure: my children books’ collection.

Awards & Recognitions

– Livio Sossi Award, Lucca Comics 2022 – Jury Award
Cultura de Urgencias (Cultura en Vena) 2022 – Winner


– Senseless fluids,
– “The Factory” Collective Exhibition. July 2021, Salzburg Austria
– “Work in Progress”, Die Bäckerei. May 2022. Innsbruck Austria.
– “The Factory” Collective Exhibition. July 2022, Salzburg. Austria


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