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Travel on a Pen

A personal project for traveling just by listening to others

I have the feeling you don´t need to change city to travel. Just by listening to other expats (as I am myself) who are willing to share interesting facts about their countries and cultures, you could travel anywhere.

Multiculturalism and diversity are such key values in our society. Making it stronger by including other cultures, listening to their stories and respecting their own identities.

I will meet with an expat and listen to her/his/their stories about their own culture.
My focus lies on finding interesting and funny facts that I have never heard about this country or culture. I will be picking up a few of them, turning them into illustrations or comic stripes. I thought that could be fun!

I got the idea for this project last year. At that time I was not able to travel as much as I wanted to due to my economical situation, and it still applies to our current present (due to obvious reasons too).

I thought it might be interesting and exciting to travel this way by meeting and getting to know new people.